Who Remembers the MySpace Surveys?!

I sure do! I loved doing them! I still do them on Facebook on occasion. I figured I would look through some old ones and reminisce. Maybe you will find out some things about me you didn’t know! It’s always fun to learn about your photographer…;)


Are you craving something?

What do you hear right now?
Listening to Periscope.

Is your bed against more than one of your walls?
No, just the head of the bed is against the wall.

What do you do when you get nervous?
I usually can’t sit still.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
4-6. My sleeping pattern is so messed up.

Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in?
Before I get in.

Do you like the rain?
Yes. I like storms too, as long as there are no tornadoes.

Who were you last in the car with, besides family?
A photography client, Ashley S.

Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
No, but that sounds like a good idea!

Do you like cotton candy?
Yes! And really like the cotton candy ice cream.

Do you have siblings?
Yes, I have 1 sister.

This morning, did you have any unread text messages?

Does anyone completely understand you?
I doubt it, lol.

Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night?
Yes, I don’t know the last time I slept through the night without waking up at least once.

Where is your phone?
In front of me.

When will be the next time you fly on an airplane?
No idea.

Did you have plans today?
Yes. I had a photo shoot.

Would you rather go a month back in time, or a month forward?
A month forward, hands down!

How many piercings do you have?


That survey wasn’t too long. I might just do one of these every month or so.

Do you miss those surveys? What was the craziest one you filled out?

Have a great evening!


10 Things Photographers Hate to Hear

I read a really good article about things photographers hate to hear and I’m going to put my 2 cents in on each one. I’ll link the original post at the bottom of the page. I’m going to list them as they are on the article and follow up with my opinion, because I just LOVE giving my opinion! So here we go….

1. “Let’s Do This Thing I Saw On Pinterest!”

I actually don’t hate this. I advise boudoir clients, wedding clients, and seniors to make a board on Pinterest and pin things they like. The main reason is so I can get an understanding for their style. There are times that I go completely blank because I feel like I’ve done every pose and I’ll look at Pinterest and show the client something that’s been pinned and do something along those lines. Just don’t ask me to do every photo you have pinned. Now what I don’t like, is when they say, “but it looks so much better on Pinterest.” I’ve never been told that, which if I did I would be completely offended. I’m not trying to do EXACTLY what was on Pinterest. That photographer is completely different than myself (all photographers are different, there isn’t a single one that is the same). And there are no 2 clients that are exactly the same. Maybe the picture of the client in the picture was more photogenic or their expression was on point at that exact time. I don’t feel like Pinterest is a way of stealing someones idea. I personally think that if you don’t want your ideas used then don’t put them on Pinterest. To me, that’s what Pinterest is for, to share ideas so others can use them.

2. Being Treated Like a Terrorist In Public Places

I can’t personally speak on this because I’ve never felt that way.

3. Competing For Attention With Cell Phone Photographers

I love what the author has to say about this in the article. The perfect example is at weddings. It’s so damn annoying having guests step out in front of you when the bride is walking down the aisle. I’ve had other instances where I’m doing a group shot and there is one or a few people in the group not looking at me but looking off somewhere else which I know is at a cell phone. I just want to say, “Hello?!, I’m the one with the camera, I was hired to shoot this wedding!”. This an example of your photos not looking how I want because not everyone is looking at me and that drives me crazy when the photo is perfect but eyes aren’t on me. Just like the author says in the article if you’re ever a client or part of the bridal party you should just know that you should probably be looking at the actual photographer. It may sound like I’m saying look at me, look at me, I’m the big bad photographer but I am indeed the photographer. Here is the link for my Wedding FAQ’s.

4. “Gorgeous photo! You must have a great camera!”

This one is so annoying and just plain stupid!  What if you’re a baker and I said, “that was a great cake, you must have a great oven!” What?! No! It’s not the camera that makes the photo. The photographer takes the photo and then MAKES the photo. I’ve seen some amazing photos from cheap point and shoots. It’s just a complete insult to the photographer and obviously to your intelligence.

5. “Let’s Put The Baby In This!”

I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert or even close to photographing newborns. Being a newborn photography is like a whole different world. I give HUGE props to newborn photographers or photographers that photograph newborns. Most of the time the baby is never in or on what you see. It’s all the magic of editing. Like the baby hanging from the tree branch…nope. Even the baby propped up on it’s elbows, that’s not real. Below is a video of the editing process of editing a newborn picture. Click here to see the video. Video courtesy of Kindred Moments Photography .

6. “Can I Get All The Original RAW Photos From The Shoot?”

No, absolutely not! No chance! Not happening! No! That was the best answer I have, lol. I want my best work to be out there, not the unedited, straight off the camera images. My touch and style comes mostly when I’m retouching and editing the photos. Daniela Bowker says is best:


7. When You Edit Our Photos And Put Them On Facebook

I’m sorry but they tend to look like hell! And it’s a violation of the contract you signed. It’s also against the law because going against a contract is illegal. Remember, it’s our work and you are not to edit or alter them.

8. Never Having Good Photos of Ourselves

I usually hate every photo of myself that was not taken by an actual photographer.  That’s all….

9. When You Make Us Miss The Good Light

Photographers tend to schedule when the lighting is good outside if the shoot is outside. There is that time in the day where the sun is perfect and the photos turn out just amazing if you can catch it at the right time. So just don’t show up late, no matter when you’re scheduled. The photo below is a perfect example of a photo taken at the golden hour. Photo courtesy of Amy Clemons.


10. Terrible Photography Clichés

There are trends in photography that just need to go away. Sometimes they may look cool but don’t do it in every photo! I’ll give the examples the author of the article talks about. When the photo is black and white but there is one thing left in color. Yes, I’ve done it before. But it was when I first started. I’ve learned a lot since then. Thinking that crooked photos look good. Crooked photos drive me crazy! There are a few times when you can pull this off but most of the time I’m in Photoshop and I’m straightening EVERY photo the best I can.

Here is the original article: 10 Things Photographers Freaking Hate With a Passion

Possible Price Change for 2017.

I have been contemplating about what do about a very important part of my photography business which is the pricing. Now remember, photography is just like any other business. It is no different than going and getting your hair done. Most photographers would say that you never ask or get opinions from your clients or future clients but I’d like to see what everyone has to say. There is one thing that I am changing for sure and that is a 2 week time limit on image galleries. Once I get your images done I will send you the link for your pictures, you will have two weeks to either favorite them or put in an order(the putting in your order is if I change my pricing). If you do not favorite them in 2 weeks your gallery will be taken down and you will be charged $15 for me to re-upload them to the gallery. Now if I change my pricing and you place your order within the 2 weeks your print price will be the original price. If you place your order after 2 weeks each print price goes up $2. I am trying to decide whether to lower my session pricing and sell prints on top of that, meaning you can only get prints through me. There would be an option for you to purchase images in the same way  I deliver images now. The way I do them now is I upload the images to a website onto a gallery and then give you a password so that it is a private gallery. When we discuss your session when you are booking I let you know how many images you will get. All of this information is listed on my website as well. On your private gallery you favorite the promised number of images and then I send you those images the same way I sent you the images to choose from but this time I give you a download pin number so that you can download them onto your computer or onto a USB, whatever is easiest for you. I can’t give you the price that every session would change to but I can give you an example. As of right now a family session is $125. It lasts 1-2 hours. You get 30 images. This price is for 5 people. For each additional person there is a charge of $15 per person. Now, that would be it. You would get to choose your 30 images and go print them wherever you would like. I am going to post a picture below showing you the comparison of what prints look like at different places both professional and regular stores.



So as you can tell, unless you get your prints from a professional lab there is no guarantee that you are  going to get the images that are as close to the original image. I just wanted to make that part of this post so that if getting what you see on your gallery is what you want and important, which is should be important then you now know and can remember that when giving me your thoughts. Now back to what would change. Instead of the pricing above, I am contemplating  making the session $85. Below is a table of what the prints would cost. The first table is before the 2 week deadline. The second table is after the 2 week deadline(deadline information is in the beginning of this post).

8 wallets      $9              8 wallets    $11
4×6                $5               4×6              $7
5×7                $7               5×7              $9
8×8               $9               8×8              $11
8×10             $11              8×10            $13
11×14            $25             11×14           $27
16×20          $32              16×20         $29

Now if you see your gallery and want let’s say 5 of the images and you want to put them on a USB so that you can print through somewhere other than the professional lab I use, you will be charged per image. The price per image would be $10 per image. I would more than likely do a some type of deal where the more you get the less it will be. But again this is all still an idea.

I’m sure this sounds likes a lot of money. But I have done my research and while I don’t think I’m an amazing photographer I have to say that I am one of the better photographers that still seems to be one of the cheapest in the area. And I still stick by what I tell my clients, if I am not happy with the photos we will do a re-shoot, but this is only if I’m not happy with them because of something that was in my control. Now, if kids wouldn’t listen or what not, that is not my fault.

While this may seem like a lot to take in and the prices are not definite I’d like to get your opinion. So feel free to email me at kirstenrayphotography@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss something or have questions!

As always thanks for taking the time to read my blog post!  Kirsten Ray


Win a Free Session!

The reason I decided to direct you to this link is because this may be a little lengthy and posts and/or statuses that are long people tend to ignore, get bored with, or just don’t want to take the time to read.

I really do enjoy giving away free sessions because I love to see people happy when they win things and I know not everyone can afford pictures. There are a few problems with giving away free sessions and some may surprise you. I have held contests for free sessions and people enter the contest and when they win they contact me about winning but never go through with booking. I don’t understand why someone would not take me up on a free photography session with free images. So the negative part of me immediately thinks when someone does not schedule their free session with me, “Is my work that bad that they don’t want pictures done by me for free”?! But then I ask myself why would they enter? I understand life gets busy but surely a session can be scheduled in a years time.

Photography is a competitive business, especially with being in a small town and lots of people who are from around here stick to a photographer that is family or that other family members use.  I myself have lived in Daviess County since I was 4 years old but I am originally from Columbus, IN so I don’t have the family connections a lot of photographers do.

Now the second thing that gets me with free photography sessions is people don’t tip. I understand that it was a free session but if I spend 2 or more hours with you and then spend at least up to a week editing your pictures a tip would be GREATLY appreciated. When I say a week editing that can is give or take. I typically spend at least an hour or two every night editing. Keep in mind sessions other than weddings I usually take at least 200 pictures(sometimes more or less). For a wedding I will take between 800-1,000 images. My process of editing goes something like this: I transfer all of the pictures from my SD card to my external hard drive and then to a USB as backup. I go through and look at every single picture deleting the ones where eyes are shut, someone is in mid movement, image is over or under exposed, or some other reason the image can not be fixed. Then I straighten the picture if it needs it, clone out any unwanted things in the picture, and fix any other “imperfections”. I then go into my editing software and fix the white balance, exposure, and contrast. And last I add the different types of presets or filters more commonly known to those who use the photo editing apps. I may have skipped some things but you get the jest of it.

So to sum up everything I feel that making people put some effort into winning a free session is only fair. And on to how to win this free session! =)

Invite all of your Facebook friends! I will have a picture in an album titled “Who invited you?” where new fans can comment your name so that you get credit for that person. And the way you win is get the most people to like my Facebook page.

*The best way to invite friends is on a computer. Facebook mobile does not have a direct way to invite friends like there is on a computer.

The picture below shows where you can find the quickest and easiest way to invite friends.


Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Kirsten Ray

12 Days of Christmas

As you can see I don’t blog much, I know shame shame. I’ve always heard it’s a good thing for photographers to blog but finding the time is just difficult sometimes. If I can find the time it’s getting the motivation or coming up with a topic to blog about. But anyway, on to the real reason why ya’ll are here. If this is your first time and it probably is then welcome! This is day….3, let’s hope I’m following my schedule for this giveaway! You were redirected here from a site called Rafflecopter. Before you came here you were taken to Twitter and hopefully you followed me which gave you 4 entries. Then you could re-tweet a tweet for 3 entries, you can do that once per day so those entries will add up! And almost lastly you could get 2 more entries for simply visiting my Facebook page, Kirsten Ray Photography.

So now at last you are here! And all I ask you to do is answer a question for 5 entries! Just comment on this blog with your answer for you to receive the 5 entries.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas and/or what is your favorite memory from Christmas time?

Social Media = yay!

So some people think Social Media is bad and nothing but trouble and drama. I say yes, it certainly can be but it also can be a good thing. I’m w/ the percentage that says Social Media is a great thing. As my last blog post was about Periscope, I will mention it again in this blog post. I started watching Bree Olson and seen a scope where she called a girl for something, I can’t even remember what it was for now honestly. But the girl on the other end whose name was Leslie seemed like a really sweet girl. So I did some looking into and added her. We talked here and there and slowly added each other on social media sites. Finally we became friends on Facebook and to me that is much more private because you are letting someone into your personal world w/ pictures and daily stuff you do. After all said and done she has become a good friend and sadly she lives in Canada so the time difference kinda sucks and the chances of us meeting are slim. She is someone I feel like I could become really good friends w/, maybe even “besties”, =). I know if she called me upset or just needed to talk she could text or call and I’d be right there. We have started our own little FB community called #Star Squad, what we do w/ it from here is open. I look for it to be a place to talk to each other when we can’t reach other on Twitter or Periscope. Also, for it to be a positive page that we can share our lives. So thank you Periscope for helping me find a very good friend, Leslie Star! ❤ ❤ ❤

I NEED to scope!

This is going to be a short, quick, sweet blog post!

I wish I could work up the nerve to do a scope on Periscope! I have so much to say about lots of different things but I just can’t bring myself to live stream myself talking. I guess I’m afraid of the negativity that I could get. I’m usually one of those people who don’t give a shit what people think so I don’t know why it bothers me. I hate my voice and I’m not putting on makeup and doing my hair just to scope but I feel like I should. I know soon enough I’ll do it just wish I could do it everyday. I’d have to do the scopes at night w/ having a 9 year old son.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned some of my favorite scopers but here are a few to check out if you have Periscope!

@BreeOlson, @lesliestar, @Milf_Goddess, @BSClay, @RobynSchall