Henson Baby Birth Questionnaire

I was ecstatic when I was asked to photography the birth of a baby! Especially this baby because I had taken this couples maternity pictures and had gotten to know the couple. Unfortunately Mom had to have an emergency C-Section so I wasn’t able to photograph it. I was there for when Mom and Baby got out and was able to capture the newest moments with Baby and the family. And more importantly Mom, Dad, and Baby bonding time.

  1. What was your after birth photography session like? Wonderful! Kirsten was very professional and was amazing! She somehow managed to get beautiful pictures while remaining “out of the way” so my family could meet my daughter. It is so great to have pictures of me with my daughter and family that I can cherish and look back on years from now.
  2. Did you have any fears about me being in the room? Absolutely none! You worked so smoothly “behind the scenes” that until my family left and it was just you in the room, there were times I honestly forgot you were there, which gave you the opportunity to get wonderful and genuine reactions.
  3. How do you feel about your photos? They are beautiful and stunning. These are memories that captured a very special moment in my life that I and my daughter can forever cherish.
  4. How was your overall photo session experience? Even though this was my first time getting a session like this, it was a lovely experience and I can’t wait to do it again.
  5. If you were to have another baby would you want it documented also? Yes! The moments during the birth and after are moments you cannot get back. I had such a wonderful experience getting this session and capturing these beautiful moments in my life. I will definitely be doing this again for my next child.



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