Another Pearl Girl!

So the addiction of watching people open pearls on Facebook Live is still going strong! I found a new one last night and I just would not stop watching! Her name is Janelle and her  pearl business is called Drunken Mermaid Pearls. Now if you’re really judgemental at first you are going to think something negative because of the word “Drunken”. Well here’s the thing, she’s not drunk, she drinks. And what great marketing! If you see that on Facebook and aren’t enticed to click on it then you must be crazy. Does she get a bit tipsy, well yeah by the end of the show which is about 3-3.5 hours she is feeling pretty good, but there isn’t a thing wrong with that. As she puts it it’s adult time. Her show starts later in the evening when kids should be in bed or heading to bed. Oh no, she curses! During adult time or any other time for that matter I’m pretty sure a woman over the age of 18 can do whatever the hell she wants. But she smokes! Again, over the age of 18, of age…she’s fine. I’m sorry but this is my kind of girl! She doesn’t take shit from people and she does what she wants. I can totally relate! And she does all of this while having fun and all of her viewers or at least true followers/fans also having fun. And hell, she’s making money too! The people ordering are getting some great stuff too! She custom makes the jewelry, drills and sets the jewelry herself. She also makes candles and bath bombs that typically have a pearl ring in it. Oh and by the way she is a Mom, Military Wife(Thank you!), Nurse, and has this business. There is so much information about her business that you will have to check her out on Facebook or her website. If you like to let loose and you love pearls you definitely need to check this girl out! I love supporting small businesses and their owners so I reached out to her and asked her a few questions about her business and life. Below is the questions I asked her(that I came up with, they aren’t anything fantastic) and her answers.

What made you start your pearl business? I watched my girl T do her show and ordered from her. From that point on I was hooked!!!

Can you tell us about your business? My pearl show is a lot different from most, when I first started I was the only one that was cursing, drinking and smoking lol. A lot of my oyster product comes from Japan or China. I do buy locally also. All of my jewelry, candles, and bath bombs are made or set by myself. I have help during the shows, other than that; I am a one-man army.

Did you have any fears in starting your business? That I wouldn’t get any viewers, or it wouldn’t work out. Or how I handled my shows would not work out whatsoever. I decide I was just going to “go for it”, and dropped a lot of cash on product then gave it my all.

What is the best thing about being a small business owner? Best thing is that I am my own boss. I don’t have to listen to anyone, and I can do as I please. Because of that I can run any promotions and sell whatever I want to.

Is there anything you would change about your business? Yes, I would hire more people to help. I can’t at the moment because I am moving to Texas.

Can you tell everyone a little bit or a lot about you? I am a mother of two amazing kiddo’s. My daughter is 18 months, and my son is 12 years old. They drive me nuts, but they are mine, and as wild as their mom. I am a proud wife of a military man, which technically he is my third kid. I have to remind him his age sometimes. My family comes first before anything. I am also a nurse, even though I don’t have to technically work anymore with the growing business, but I love helping people. I plan on continuing my education when I get to Texas. I also do tons of charity work, and donating big portions to charities. I have a big heart, and a big mouth, but it works.

Her Facebook page is:

Her website is:







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