I think I’m in Love!!

I was never a big fan of pearls but I think it was when I started my photography business and seen pearl necklaces and earrings on brides I fell in love. Lately it seems like you can’t be on Facebook without seeing a Pearl Party. A better description is live videos of people opening oysters and see what kind of pearl is inside. It may sound boring and when I first heard about it I did think, “Wow, how boring!” But now every chance I get to watch one I watch it and I’m hooked! I’ve yet to purchase one or have a party but once money issues are all sorted out I’m definitely going to! Sometimes there are twins(2 pearls in one oyster) but typically there is just one. The colors vary. The typical colors are white, rose gold, dark, silver, pink tone, and the rare ones and the ones that the host gets so excited about are the cranberry colored ones and the blue ones, and they are gorgeous! The picture below shows the different color pearls that can be found in the oysters. There are a few that I watch on Facebook and just love the girls that run it!

One that I watch is Pearls with Carey. I love watching her because she has so much energy and is so fun to watch. She has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life but still always has a smile on her face. She told her story one night and I truly think that God lead her to do what she does.
Her Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/PearlswithCarey/ and her website is: http://pearlswithcarey.com/.

Another girl I follow is Amy and her FB page is called Paws for Pearls. She is actually an hour away from me. 10% of their profit goes to an animal related organization such as a humane society. The most recent organization she donated to was The Wolf Park located in Northern Indiana. She is such a sweet lady.Her Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/PearlsForThePaws.

Both of these ladies have Akoya Oysters with Grade AAA Pearls. They also have jewelry that your pearl(s) can be put in. The possibilities are endless and they all go the extra mile to make sure you love what you have! They are super sweet, kind, and caring. You definitely need to check both of these lovely ladies out!



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