Right and Wrong Clients

Amazingly enough there is a right and wrong client for every photographer. And I have found that out many times but just didn’t know that is what you would call it. You see I don’t wake up everyday and think I’m a great photographer, usually my thoughts are can my son get himself to school on his own today? But really, there are so many days where I feel like I’m not good enough. Any photographer who doesn’t feel that way every now and then I would have to say is on a high horse. But if they don’t feel that way more power to them. I run a business, I make money from this business, I use the money for things I need. It’s just like any of your other 9-5 jobs but it’s a lot more work because once you’re done shooting you are so far from done it’s not even funny(I hate that saying, makes no sense). I know I’ve said this before but not only does leaving your home to shoot the client take time away from your family and social life but the sitting at your computer and looking over every picture, choosing the best ones, correcting the lighting, fixing things, and further editing really takes away from your family and social life. So it’s not a one and done thing. What I’m getting at is the right client for you will admire and like(hopefully love) your work, hire you, pay the price, purchase the prints and/or products and that’s it. The wrong client will make the excuses I can’t pay that right now, this and this and this isn’t working, I don’t have the time. Here’s the thing, most photographers have their pricing on their website or somewhere and it takes a few clicks to find that. If you can not commit to those prices please move on and don’t waste the time of the photographer and all the work there is beforehand(yes, there is even work before the shoot) just to have an excuse. I understand money is tight but if it is then don’t inquire about a session unless you can commit at that time or in the near future.And please don’t try to get a discount. Many photographers run specials but you can’t always bet on those specials so don’t wait. I feel like the right client will book a session and even take advantage of whatever special you are having. A photographer could eventually see the trend of clients swarming them only when specials occur and potentially stop doing specials all together because they feel like they are just being “used” when there is a discount price. Again, I understand the money issue but talk to your photographer about a payment plan, most will do those for you. Don’t just tell the photographer some excuse because then you don’t seem like the right kind of client and surprisingly photographers do communicate with each other. These trends could also make a photographer turn down a client, and yes it’s happened. I don’t intend any of this to sound rude but photographers aren’t in this business for the fun of it. I mean it is very fun but they also do it to make money.


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