Possible Price Change for 2017.

I have been contemplating about what do about a very important part of my photography business which is the pricing. Now remember, photography is just like any other business. It is no different than going and getting your hair done. Most photographers would say that you never ask or get opinions from your clients or future clients but I’d like to see what everyone has to say. There is one thing that I am changing for sure and that is a 2 week time limit on image galleries. Once I get your images done I will send you the link for your pictures, you will have two weeks to either favorite them or put in an order(the putting in your order is if I change my pricing). If you do not favorite them in 2 weeks your gallery will be taken down and you will be charged $15 for me to re-upload them to the gallery. Now if I change my pricing and you place your order within the 2 weeks your print price will be the original price. If you place your order after 2 weeks each print price goes up $2. I am trying to decide whether to lower my session pricing and sell prints on top of that, meaning you can only get prints through me. There would be an option for you to purchase images in the same way  I deliver images now. The way I do them now is I upload the images to a website onto a gallery and then give you a password so that it is a private gallery. When we discuss your session when you are booking I let you know how many images you will get. All of this information is listed on my website as well. On your private gallery you favorite the promised number of images and then I send you those images the same way I sent you the images to choose from but this time I give you a download pin number so that you can download them onto your computer or onto a USB, whatever is easiest for you. I can’t give you the price that every session would change to but I can give you an example. As of right now a family session is $125. It lasts 1-2 hours. You get 30 images. This price is for 5 people. For each additional person there is a charge of $15 per person. Now, that would be it. You would get to choose your 30 images and go print them wherever you would like. I am going to post a picture below showing you the comparison of what prints look like at different places both professional and regular stores.



So as you can tell, unless you get your prints from a professional lab there is no guarantee that you are  going to get the images that are as close to the original image. I just wanted to make that part of this post so that if getting what you see on your gallery is what you want and important, which is should be important then you now know and can remember that when giving me your thoughts. Now back to what would change. Instead of the pricing above, I am contemplating  making the session $85. Below is a table of what the prints would cost. The first table is before the 2 week deadline. The second table is after the 2 week deadline(deadline information is in the beginning of this post).

8 wallets      $9              8 wallets    $11
4×6                $5               4×6              $7
5×7                $7               5×7              $9
8×8               $9               8×8              $11
8×10             $11              8×10            $13
11×14            $25             11×14           $27
16×20          $32              16×20         $29

Now if you see your gallery and want let’s say 5 of the images and you want to put them on a USB so that you can print through somewhere other than the professional lab I use, you will be charged per image. The price per image would be $10 per image. I would more than likely do a some type of deal where the more you get the less it will be. But again this is all still an idea.

I’m sure this sounds likes a lot of money. But I have done my research and while I don’t think I’m an amazing photographer I have to say that I am one of the better photographers that still seems to be one of the cheapest in the area. And I still stick by what I tell my clients, if I am not happy with the photos we will do a re-shoot, but this is only if I’m not happy with them because of something that was in my control. Now, if kids wouldn’t listen or what not, that is not my fault.

While this may seem like a lot to take in and the prices are not definite I’d like to get your opinion. So feel free to email me at kirstenrayphotography@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss something or have questions!

As always thanks for taking the time to read my blog post!  Kirsten Ray



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