Win a Free Session!

The reason I decided to direct you to this link is because this may be a little lengthy and posts and/or statuses that are long people tend to ignore, get bored with, or just don’t want to take the time to read.

I really do enjoy giving away free sessions because I love to see people happy when they win things and I know not everyone can afford pictures. There are a few problems with giving away free sessions and some may surprise you. I have held contests for free sessions and people enter the contest and when they win they contact me about winning but never go through with booking. I don’t understand why someone would not take me up on a free photography session with free images. So the negative part of me immediately thinks when someone does not schedule their free session with me, “Is my work that bad that they don’t want pictures done by me for free”?! But then I ask myself why would they enter? I understand life gets busy but surely a session can be scheduled in a years time.

Photography is a competitive business, especially with being in a small town and lots of people who are from around here stick to a photographer that is family or that other family members use.  I myself have lived in Daviess County since I was 4 years old but I am originally from Columbus, IN so I don’t have the family connections a lot of photographers do.

Now the second thing that gets me with free photography sessions is people don’t tip. I understand that it was a free session but if I spend 2 or more hours with you and then spend at least up to a week editing your pictures a tip would be GREATLY appreciated. When I say a week editing that can is give or take. I typically spend at least an hour or two every night editing. Keep in mind sessions other than weddings I usually take at least 200 pictures(sometimes more or less). For a wedding I will take between 800-1,000 images. My process of editing goes something like this: I transfer all of the pictures from my SD card to my external hard drive and then to a USB as backup. I go through and look at every single picture deleting the ones where eyes are shut, someone is in mid movement, image is over or under exposed, or some other reason the image can not be fixed. Then I straighten the picture if it needs it, clone out any unwanted things in the picture, and fix any other “imperfections”. I then go into my editing software and fix the white balance, exposure, and contrast. And last I add the different types of presets or filters more commonly known to those who use the photo editing apps. I may have skipped some things but you get the jest of it.

So to sum up everything I feel that making people put some effort into winning a free session is only fair. And on to how to win this free session! =)

Invite all of your Facebook friends! I will have a picture in an album titled “Who invited you?” where new fans can comment your name so that you get credit for that person. And the way you win is get the most people to like my Facebook page.

*The best way to invite friends is on a computer. Facebook mobile does not have a direct way to invite friends like there is on a computer.

The picture below shows where you can find the quickest and easiest way to invite friends.


Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Kirsten Ray


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