Social Media = yay!

So some people think Social Media is bad and nothing but trouble and drama. I say yes, it certainly can be but it also can be a good thing. I’m w/ the percentage that says Social Media is a great thing. As my last blog post was about Periscope, I will mention it again in this blog post. I started watching Bree Olson and seen a scope where she called a girl for something, I can’t even remember what it was for now honestly. But the girl on the other end whose name was Leslie seemed like a really sweet girl. So I did some looking into and added her. We talked here and there and slowly added each other on social media sites. Finally we became friends on Facebook and to me that is much more private because you are letting someone into your personal world w/ pictures and daily stuff you do. After all said and done she has become a good friend and sadly she lives in Canada so the time difference kinda sucks and the chances of us meeting are slim. She is someone I feel like I could become really good friends w/, maybe even “besties”, =). I know if she called me upset or just needed to talk she could text or call and I’d be right there. We have started our own little FB community called #Star Squad, what we do w/ it from here is open. I look for it to be a place to talk to each other when we can’t reach other on Twitter or Periscope. Also, for it to be a positive page that we can share our lives. So thank you Periscope for helping me find a very good friend, Leslie Star! ❤ ❤ ❤


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