Our Anniversary Vacation

I really am horrible at keeping up w/ blogging! I love doing it so you think I would be on top of it and blog more often. Oh well, life gets busy. My husband I had our 4 year anniversary last week, September 10th. We rented a cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN from September 10th-13th. There was a car show called the “Rod Run” going on this weekend so the traffic was absolutely horrible! We knew before going there was a car show but we had no idea how crazy the town would be. I guess that’s what you get for living in a small town and not being used to such big events. We visited Gatlinburg and mainly walked the strip and just browsed the shops. We did go to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium and I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I was going to be. It is 3 stories filled with more than 500 exhibits, artifacts, and oddities from around the world. Some of the exhibits were interesting but not worth the $34 it cost for us. Our last day we went to The Island in Pigeon Forge. It was pretty interesting. The Island Fountain Show was pretty neat, we would have loved to see it during the night because there are also lights that would have added to the coolness effect. We rode on The Great Smoky Wheel, which is just the big Ferris Wheel they have. It is 200 feet tall and was really neat when you reached the very top. It cost us $28 to go on it and make 3 rotations. I feel like 5 rotations would have been a little better for the price. Or maybe I’m just cheap. =) Before you get on the wheel they take your picture in front of a green screen so that when you get off they have the souvenir pictures with the wheel in the background and a background where it looks like you’re in the gondola. You get 1 8×10 of each background and also 1 4×6 of each. The souvenir pictures were $20. I only bought them because of the memory. And again, a bit steep in cost. The really nice thing about the gondola was that it was all glass and had air conditioning.

We also went to the Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine store where we tasted several different flavors of Moonshine. I really wanted to buy the moonshine that is full of cherries but they said that they had recently had a bad batch of cherries and didn’t have any available, it was also too expensive, $30. Again, I’m just too cheap!

When we weren’t out and about we were either playing air hockey in the cabin or relaxing in the hot tub. We also had an adorable raccoon come visit us.

Here are the full reviews for some of the places I mentioned and others that I did not mention.

The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

Pepper Palace

Goats on the Roof

Alamo Steakhouse

Poynor’s Pommes Frites

Moose Creek Crossing – Our Cabin

Hope everyone has a great rest of the whatever time of day it may be! =)


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