What I’ve been up to

Business has been kind of slow. The heat has been so hot and I’m not a huge fan of using my “studio”. I love natural light and all the different backgrounds and everything else outdoor photography has to offer. Of course if you’re studio is filled with tons of backgrounds, great lighting, and wide array of props then studio is the way to go. I’m definitely still a newbie and can’t afford to purchase the equipment the pros use. My way of hanging backgrounds is made out of pvc pipe right now and it works for the most part but I still don’t get the pictures I truly want of vision them. Fall will be picking up because the weather is cooler and the trees are beautiful, especially here in Indiana. The weather is very unpredictable. Just because the calendar says Fall doesn’t mean anything. The past week the weather has been so hot it’s hard to almost breathe. I don’t want to put my clients in hot and humid weather. It definitely makes for the session to feel rushed. I don’t like for clients, especially maternity shoots to be hot, I know what it was like to  be pregnant in the summer and it’s no fun. You definitely don’t feel pretty when you are sweating.

I have become addicted to the app Periscope. When the app was first made it was for Iphones only and now it is for androids so I can enjoy it. I follow other photographers, people who do social media marketing that have some great tips, and other random people who I have found interesting. I have been introduced to three people that are across the world, one who does daily scopes of Hong Kong another who does scopes of Europe, and one that does scopes of Israel. I don’t foresee ever making my way to the other side of the world and this is best way to see these places live without having to travel. Just the other day the guy from Europe who’s Periscope name is @euromaster was at The Louvre and I was able to see in real time the Mona Lisa. I’ve never been a big art fan, which may be weird on account of I am a photographer but after seeing a small tour of The Louvre I fell in love with all of the beautiful paintings, sculptures and interesting stories that went along with some of the pieces.

I hope to keep up with the blogging a little bit better but sometimes life gets busy! Hope to see you soon!

Here are some of the list of people that I have found interesting:

Social Media Tips: @Mompreneurmogul

Across the world: , , & @PenguinSix


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