Boudoir Controversy

A lot of people see boudoir shoots as being a nearly pornographic photo session. They think that it makes woman seen more as a sex symbol. But if you truly had an open mind and looked past the photo and more into the woman’s reason for doing the session you would probably think different. In these sessions my goal is to make the woman feel beautiful as is the motto of other boudoir photographers. People have said the girls can be gorgeous with their clothes on. The wardrobes they choose to wear at a shoot are completely up to them. I send them an email with suggestions for things to wear and jeans and a button up shirt are on the list. So it’s not as if I tell them that clothes can’t be sexy and they shouldn’t wear them. I have been on both sides of the camera.

Here is my testimonial of when I had mine done.

For anyone who thinks the boudoir pictures I did are distasteful let me explain why I did them. Every woman has insecurities; I don’t feel like I’m 100% comfortable with myself but after doing these pictures I felt more confident. Even if there was a stretch mark or there was a little more fat somewhere than I would like. Our bodies are beautiful girls! Most of us have had kids and we still look good despite what we think of ourselves. Single or with someone, doesn’t matter. If you’re with someone they obviously love your body so don’t think you don’t measure up because you are you and that is what he loves! So if you don’t think the pictures are appropriate, I’m sorry. But I will not apologize for doing them and in the end feeling better about myself. I have no regrets!

Here are a few photographers and their opinions:

Boudoir photography can be a bit controversial, but anything worth time and energy likely is adverse to someone’s taste. Actually, boudoir photography is just another art form. It is about saying everything, without really showing anything. It’s about finding beauty and stripping away layers. It’s about using lighting, color and design to reinvent the image of the model so she can see herself (or himself) in a way that cannot be viewed by the untrained eye. Recreating this image is exciting, invigorating and the satisfying. This is why I support Boudoir photography and this is why I will keep doing it.

Amanda McCarthy of Sia Legacy Portraits
The human body, in all shapes and sizes, is a beautiful thing. All throughout history, people have sculpted, painted, and photographed it in thousands of ways. It is truly art! As a photographer, I see the beauty and art in every single person that I encounter and it is a privilege to be able to capture that beauty and make it (and you) timeless! That is just AMAZING to me! Boudoir photography empowers you in many ways by saying, “You are beautiful…You deserve to be timeless…You are art!”

Lela Johnson of Lela Johnson Photography
I started doing boudoir because I wanted to show some friends of mine that they could and would feel beautiful if we did that type of sessions together. We did and they loved them!!!! I love being able to make everyone feel beautiful in the images I capture with them! I don’t find them tasteless because it’s art; it’s just another form of photography! There is nothing more attractive than a positive and confident person!


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