Your prices are what?!?!

Just the other day I had someone message me about how much a family session was. I told her my price and her response was, “Wow, that’s expensive”. I really did not know what to say, I was rather offended. This inquiry was not the first time I had heard the response of prices being, “too expensive”. I used to think that photography prices were outrageous too until I saw the break down for myself on paper and REALLY understood once I second shot several weddings. And I was just the second shooter! Now that I have started my photography business it is all crystal clear and I want others to understand the reasoning also. I just simply want to show you a few different break downs and then you can develop your own opinion about the pricing, not just mine but other photographers that you may think charge “too much”. First I want to talk about some other things other than just the pricing for myself that should be taken into consideration. Most sessions are typically done on weekends, that is the only time I see my husband because of our work schedules (I have another job). So right there I am missing out on time spent with family and friends. I do not get paid for holidays or overtime. I don’t get paid vacation days. Being a self-employed photographer does not provide insurance. It’s just me; I take care of every aspect alone, the advertising, setting up bookings, following up, editing, etc. Does it sound like I am complaining? It may sound that way but in NO WAY am I! I love it, I love making people happy and giving them memories they can cherish forever. I give it 110% to do my best! My prices are A LOT lower than these photographers that I am going to post links to on why photography costs so much but it’s still the same concept. I felt it was best to direct you to some much more experienced photographers because I cannot, because of experience and also I don’t want to undermine any other photographers, or miss anything by explaining it myself.

Here are a few great links:

And the most simple explanation in my opinion:



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