Photography in a Small Town

One of the bad things about a small community and the photography business is that there are so many photographers. Some photographers feel like they have to compete with each other because of living in a small town. Also, the town I’m living in, I’m not from so there are some photographers that are related to half of the town and therefore they’ve got a good client base. I am not from here so I don’t have family that I know will be using me for photos. I’m in a few photography groups on Facebook and a lot of photographers talk about how they have monthly meetings with areas photographers to chat, bounce ideas off each other, and collaborate. I would love to be able to do that with local photographers but I know it wouldn’t work. I’m not trying to compete with any of them, while it is a business yes there is a form of it already there but I have not once tried to “one up” another photographer. I see it as photographers are like chain stores. They both sell the same thing but the prices may be different, advertising is different, sales are different, and may offer a little more or a little less than the other. I guess all of this will never really change, it’s just unfortunate that somethings have to be the way they are.


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